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                          The Levi Strauss Foundation’s philanthropic work is grounded in the company's values of originality, integrity, empathy and courage.

                          Our mission is to advance the human rights and well-being of underserved people in places where Levi Strauss & Co. has a business presence.

                          For more 65 years, the foundation has embraced the energy and events of our time to advance pioneering social change in the areas of HIV/AIDS, worker rights, worker well-being and social justice.

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                          HIV Aids Response
                          Raising awareness and confronting stigma and discrimination.

                          We were one of the first corporate funders of HIV/AIDS response, and we've invested more than $76 million in the global response since 1983.

                          Worker Rights & Well-being
                          Improving the lives of workers throughout the global apparel industry.

                          We've invested $10 million since 1997 in community organizations in key LS&Co. sourcing locations, and we've spent $5.5 million since 2011 to pilot, scale, measure impact and build the business case for the Worker Well-being (WWB) program.

                          Social Justice
                          Taking on the issues of our day and amplifying the voices of social justice leaders.

                          We established a $1 million Rapid Response Fund to support vulnerable communities immigrants, refugees, the transgender community and ethnic and religious minorities impacted by the current political environment.

                          Disaster Response & Employee Engagement
                          Supporting employee volunteerism and vulnerable populations during times of disaster.

                          We invest $1.3 million annually in Employee Community Engagement initiatives, and we've spent $630K in disaster relief support globally in 2017.

                          Pioneers in Justice
                          Pioneers in Justice invests in the future of social justice next-generation leaders who seek breakthrough impact by leveraging technology, reaching new audiences, collaborating in new ways and exercising their leadership voice.

                          These leaders are taking on the issues of the day by advocating for systems change in the areas of gender equality, climate change, criminal justice, LGBT rights, racial equity, immigrant rights and gun violence.
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                          Worker Well-being
                          Worker Well-being is a new approach to supply chain engagement that aims to improve the lives of the people who make our products. The initiative builds upon LSF’s long history of supporting worker rights in sourcing countries.

                          Working in partnership with the company’s key suppliers, LSF collaborates with local service providers to support factory-based worker empowerment programs in the areas of health, financial security and gender equality.
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